Wallets with RFID Protection

RFID Protección radiofrecuenciaYou might have wondered more than once whether the data stored in your cards are safe when you are at the airport or in other public spaces. RFID (radio-frequency identification) is the information the chips in your cards provide authorised readers in order to perform cash machine transactions, open doors and gates, contactless payments, etc.

The data provided by the chips include from your identity to information on your accounts. This information is private and confidential, and attractive to thieves.  At Pielnoble we are committed to the protection of this information.

How can we protect the data?

Chips provide the data recorded in a passive manner, this means that they do not transmit information by themselves. However, readers collect the information of chips by radio-frequency. Authorised readers make transactions, accesses, etc. easier. Pielnoble offers the best protection against unwanted readings in its leather goods, by means of an effective shield which blocks the transmission of the cards located in the protected compartment. If you want one of the cards to be available for quick readings you can choose the compartment with grid, which allows the readings of the first visible card.

See the video.

Wallets with RFID Protection

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