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When talking about leather, words like tradition and craftsmanship associated immediately. This is not by chance, making a portfolio gentleman or a lady wallet and hands require knowledge of a craftsman with many years of experience. A portfolio is composed gentleman forty to fifty different pieces, pieces of skin and fabric pieces. Each of the pieces of skin that make up the part to be adapted to do the minimum possible thickness and can fit right in with the rest of the components of the portfolio. In turn, all this work of miniaturismo, is joined by seams made in 4 mm skin. In today’s world few things that require many hours of manual labor and small leather goods are. Each piece is unique and exclusive Pielnoble, all are different because there is a machine to manufacture in series. The speed at which the piece is sewn influences both the final price, and the quality of the seam, less accurate at higher speeds. It is difficult to estimate the real cost, because when we acquired a piece made of leather, are buying years of experience and highly trained hands for this job.

It’s hard to find better value for money out of Pielnoble.

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