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Wallets with RFID Protection

RFID Protección radiofrecuenciaYou might have wondered more than once whether the data stored in your cards are safe when you are at the airport or in other public spaces. RFID (radio-frequency identification) is the information the chips in your cards provide authorised readers in order to perform cash machine transactions, open doors and gates, contactless payments, etc.

The data provided by the chips include from your identity to information on your accounts. This information is private and confidential, and attractive to thieves.  At Pielnoble we are committed to the protection of this information.

How can we protect the data?

Chips provide the data recorded in a passive manner, this means that they do not transmit information by themselves. However, readers collect the information of chips by radio-frequency. Authorised readers make transactions, accesses, etc. easier. Pielnoble offers the best protection against unwanted readings in its leather goods, by means of an effective shield which blocks the transmission of the cards located in the protected compartment. If you want one of the cards to be available for quick readings you can choose the compartment with grid, which allows the readings of the first visible card.

See the video.


200_7301-enWe use wallets, purses, belts, key-rings and handbags every day, and they are the perfect gift for any occasion. Nowadays, gifts must be useful. Our money must have an added value, so apart from treating ourselves or giving something to somebody, this gift must be useful. In this way we will achieve our aim and feel satisfied. At Pielnoble you will find interesting ideas for your gifts, we are convinced that you will find something you like and which also adapts to your economy. The Pielnoble team knows you will make the best choice, whichever it is, and we hope you will enjoy giving your gift.

New wallet purse collections Fall – Winter 2015

Pielnoble-HP-billetero-mujer-invierno-7054 Pielnoble-HM-517-billetero-señora-otoño-7144The new #Pielnoble collections for the winter 2015 season are here.

We want you to enjoy the latest trends in wallets and purses for a long time, so we always make top fashion and long-lasting products, which isn’t always easy!

This #winter2015 season we are presenting two collections made with the best quality leather in Ubrique, Spain.

For the HP series we have used a slightly milled, smooth leather, with a very soft touch. And we have combined it with light contrasting colours in some details.

For the ethnic design of the HM series we have used a reptile embossed leather, which is also very soft and long-lasting.

Find more at

We hope you like them.

New Pielnoble PF 705 briefcase

Pielnoble-PF705-briefcase-4416sesOur new Pielnoble PF 705 urban briefcase is the best bag to carry your documents and tablet while you walk or ride your motorcycle around the city.
It is light and you can cross it over your body so that you always have your belongings under control. This unisex design matches any style, the leather is unique and cannot be equalled by any other material.
The quality of the materials and workmanship of this briefcase are exceptional for you to enjoy it for a long time.
The Pielnoble PF 705 is available in black, leather colour and brown.
You will find it at your nearest store or in our online shop.

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